About Us

It took its name from the Coruh River, which is the symbol of Artvin.

In this sector, Assan Asansor Coll. Sti. It continued its activities under this name until 1972. In 1972, it moved to Güngören and became Coruh Asansor San. Trade Ltd. Sti. It continued its activities by establishing a family company under the name of.

Çoruh Asansor has adopted the principle of never compromising on quality and safety. In order to keep up with the developing technology and to better respond to the needs, it moved to İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone in 1996 and continues its production at the highest quality level in a 700 m2 closed area and 200 m2 open area. Its products have TSE's TSEK Quality Conformity Certificate.

Hydraulic. The manufacture of freight, patient, semi-automatic, panoramic, human...


Support Line

+90 212 671 01 21


  • High Customer Satisfaction
  • Transparent Service Privilege
  • Expert Staff
  • Fast Technical Service
  • Well Established Industry Experience
Yüksek Müşteri Memnuniyeti

High Customer Satisfaction

We provide all the services needed for the elevator with the principle of high customer satisfaction.

Şeffaf Hizmet Ayrıcalığı

Transparent Service Privilege

In contrast to the problems experienced with the service history after the administrator changes, we share all the transactions made with you in a questionable and transparent way.

Uzman Personel

Expert Staff

We are continuing our activities with our expert technical team and customer representative units and a team that will help you every minute you request support.

Hızlı Teknik Servis

Fast Technical Service

We respond to your malfunction and repair requests quickly during the day with our expert team of elevators.

Köklü Sektör Tecrübesi

Well Established Industry Experience

Çoruh Elevator has an understanding of service to the institution in accordance with the experience given by the years it has left behind in the sector with the awareness of being a brand since the first day it was established.



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